Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Saturday!!

I am pumped that it's Saturday! Yay. A clean slate. My favorite day of the week..
I didnt check in at Weight Watchers today since I went on Tuesday. I will weigh in officially again a week from now because the tuesday meeting kinda threw me off. I want to go to meetings twice a week if I can, but keep my weigh ins on saturdays.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and picked up a few things. When I was making the shopping list, I almost didn't know where to start. I had to look back at my August entries to get an idea of what I was eating when weightloss seemed so simple. lol. While doing that I realized a few things:
  • Back in L.A., I tended not to spend more than 5 pts on breakfast.
  • I did better with incorporating fruits and veggies
  • It's a hell of a lot easier to lose weight when all the food in the house is geared towards healthy eating
So this week the challenge to myself is to watch out on the breakfast points, really work with my fruits and vegetables, and ignore all the food in the house that isn't 'for me'

3 egg whites
2 slices bacon
sandwich thin
4 pts
Yea, I know the egg whites look a little crazy. At first I was going to make an omlet, but remembered that I was supposed to be cheap with my breakfast points so I just folded it up without the cheese.


Anonymous said...

Journaling is a great way to learn about yourself, no?
My breakfast has switched from oatmeal to 2 slices of toast, cantaloupe, and coffee, or water. I used to hate cantaloupe, but now I cant get enough of it.
Anyway, good job on the weight loss. I missed reading your blog while I was sick and tired and busy. I am glad to be back.

SylbeeDee said...

oh dani u kinda suck at this blogging thing now...come back!

Dee Lighter said...

i know! and i am ashamed!!
i dont know what my problem is. :(

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