Friday, February 26, 2010

I didn't fall off!

Hey Guys!

No worries! I did not just throw point counting to the wind.  I went on a little road trip to Tampa with my sister because she had to take her Bar Exam and I tagged along for moral support.  What a good sister I am!

Didn't have my laptop but even if I did the food wasnt really blogworthy.  Except for one night when I had sushi, my days mostly consisted of subway roast beef sandwiches.  You woulda hated seeing that repeatedly.  But I counted every day.  I even met up with a good friend of mine and had a really good workout.  Go Me!

Stay tuned for the today's eats, lovelies!

Total for the day:
Weekly Bonus Points Used:
Bonus points remaining for the week:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woop Woop Weigh In Results!

 Hey Everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but personally I am SURPRISED ...(and proud) that I managed to go the entire week tracking my points.  This blog definitely helped me stay accountable this week and really pushed me to make good choices.  THANKS EVERYONE!

Rolled myself outta bed this morning and took my ass to a meeting.  I mean, I acted like it was a hassle, but I was honestly just excited to step on the scale (strange!)

And the results:
Down 4.6 lbs! AANNNDDD I am back (albeit barely) in the 160s!! Yup Yup.  Maybe you are not impressed because this is technically weight that I have already lost before.  So What! Foodwise I worked hard this week.  I planned, I counted, I made good choices. I can only hope and work hard enough to ensure that this is the last time I will have to lose to work myself outta the 170s.

I plan on carrying this momentum into  the next week.  And I am returning to the gym.  My cold is gone and I can no longer use that as an excuse :)

Oh wait! Almost forgot - I lost a point today.  Since I moved into a new "decade" of weight, my daily point value has decreased from 24 to 23. Yay?

3 egg whites
2 tbsp shredded cheese
pancake muffins
5 pts

(not pictured)
1 pt

1/4 cup alfredo sauce
1 and 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta
broccoli and mushrooms

Is it alright that I made a lazy dinner? Of course it is! :) I live with my parents (whip out the violins) and one of my mother's biggest pet peeves is leftover food going to waste.  . . . so i had soup that was left over from a few days ago - progresso chicken and sausage gumbo. 

Chicken and sausage gumbo
bagelthin everything bagel
1 oz salmon
1 tbsp light cream cheese
6 pts

Dessert (as always!)
Smartones cookie dough sundae
1/2 chocolate muffin (Gina's Recipe) 
5 pts

Total for the day: 24.5
Weekly Bonus Points Used:1.5
Bonus points remaining for the week: 33.5

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gimme Oatmeal Ideas!!!.... Please:0)

Today is my last day before my next weigh in.  Psychologically, I feel compelled to eat all of my remaining weekly bonus points (THEY ARE MINE DAMMIT) but I am sure I will somehow find the strength to contain myself.

Hey you guys, please gimme your favorite oatmeal combination (and recipe if necessary).  I am starting to like it more. I mean the truth is, oatmeal is tasty if I get to put everything that I want into it.  I just struggle with spending too many points on oatmeal - so you got any hints/suggestions? I see people using things like yogurt, peanutbutter, etc and I woud love to give it a try.

Quaker instant oatmeal
1/2 cup Silk vanilla soy milk
1/2 banana
1/2 c strawberries
5 pts

My mom grated cabbage and carrots yesterday and just to get rid of the leftovers in the fridge, I made cole slaw.  The dressing was made with a tbsp of lite mayo, tsp of olive oil, splash of vinegar, little bit of mustard, salt, pepper, basil, and parsley...

chicken thigh with skin and bone
cole slaw (w 1tbsp lite mayo, 1 tsp olive oil, mustard,  splash of vinegar, seasonings)
low carb wrap
tomatoes (not pictured) < --my bad!
7 pts

2 pts

16 wheat thins
butterbean chickpea dip
5 pts

Chicken drumstick with skin
zucchini "fries" (breaded and baked)
6 pts

Honestly, I made these zucchini fries because I REALLY wanted sweet potato fries, but it was late and they take too long to make.   So I made these instead.  Didn't like 'em.  The zucchini part was fine - i like zucchini.  But the breaded part wasn't tasty.  No thank you. 

Dessert (again!)
SmartOnes Cookie Dough Sundae
(not pictured)
3 pts

Total for the day: 28 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 4 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 20.5

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No More Eggs = day of mush

I woke up this morning to find that there were no eggs. Not a one. Ugh.
I depend on eggs in the morning. Admittedly, I have been eating omelets for the better part of the week. I searched high and low for something, ANYTHING to eat for breakfast besides oatmeal.

No dice.

So I had Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar instant oatmeal with strawberries.

1/3 c water and 1/3 c 2% milk
1 c strawberries
4.5 pts
Okay I did not hate it. It was actually pretty tasty. But I feel like oatmeal never fills me up the way I need to be in the morning. Oh well.
Today has been pretty uneventful. I am being really lazy and not doing much of anything. I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but I woke up too hungry and wasted time trying to figure out how I would survive without eggs. No Gym.

The refrigerator is getting kinda bare. I will have to work with what I got today. When I looked in the other fridge ( parents have two refrigerators.....and yet it always feels like there is nothing to eat. LoL.) there was a drawer full of potatoes .....

So I made cheese and bacon soup!

I tweeked the recipe a little - using part skip ricotta cheese instead of heavy cream. I used 2 potatoes, 1 tbsp white flour, 4 slices of bacon, 1/4 cup ricotta cheese, onion, garlic, a bullion cube and two cups of water for the soup itself, but divided the final product into two servings so that my sister could have some.
(Also used salt, pepper, oregano, and thyme to taste)

Saute bacon, onions, and garlic in pot until bacon is cooked and onions have browned.
Separately, mix flour with enough of the bullion broth to create smooth paste.
Add paste to pot and mix together.
Add remaining broth and diced potatoes and seasonings
Bring to boil and then simmer for 25 minutes or until potatoes are tender
Stir in ricotta cheese bit by bit to avoid lumping.
Top with cheese and fresh scallion. YUMMY!

1 potato
2 slices bacon
1/8 c ricotta cheese
3 tbsp cheddar cheese
1/2 tbsp flour
9 pts

So So sooooooo delicious. And I know that 9 pts seems like a lot for a bowl of soup, but there is potato in there! With bacon! ....AND CHEDDAR CHEESE........

My sister loved it and she isnt a weight watcher so I know its true. LoL
Yes my older sister looks crazy.  The house is cold today and instead of turning on the heat, she decided to put on every piece of mismatching clothing that was available to her.  You Like??

Anyways, I am trying to work up the nerve to take a bikini pic. I was inspired by Allie's Bikini Post and I think it would be great to have before and after pics. Sometimes losing weight is annoying because I don't always feel like I look different. So tomorrow...maybe....bikini before picture? I am not making any promises though....

For dinner I made chicken quarters:

Chicken thigh (with skin and bone)
1 cup brown rice
8 pts

SmartOnes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
(not pictured)
3 pts

Total for the day: 24.5
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 0.5
Bonus points remaining for the week: 26

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's be Hoooooneeeeeeessssst. (In Drake Voice)

Alright. If you don't know by now I've returned to blogging because I gained back almost 15 lbs that I thought I would never see again. It happens. But let me be clear. While that is the REASON I am back, its not exactly the catalyst for my return. So lemme just keep it real and tell you guys.

The tricky thing about 15 lbs (for me anyway) is that even though my clothes might be a little on the snug side, my pants still button. And that sucks. I mean, I am sure I don't look as good in them as I did 15 lbs ago, but I still rock them. And they are *GASP* skinny jeans.
So even though I saw the number on the scale creeping up to unwanted numbers, I just shrugged it off (I am a procrastinator) and kept on eating. See, I am the kind of procrastinator that is not moved to action until I feel some sense of pressure. I guess these tight ass jeans didnt give me enough pressure? I dunno. Whatever the case is, tight clothes weren't enough.

And then, it happened. Last tuesday. I had just gotten back from Orlando and I went with BabyCakes to see the tax man so he could get his taxes done. I'm waiting patiently in the waiting area, my boyfriend is on the other side of the divide (between the waiting area and the area to speak with the tax guy). The tax guy comes into the waiting area, takes a look at me and turns to my boyfriend and says (REALLY LOUDLY):

"I see you have someone out here about to have your baby soon"

Unfortunately I had forgotten my switch blade that day and was unable to kill this man or kill myself.

Really? Pregnant?
I thought there was just this generally known rule that even if a broad looks 9 months pregnant you are not allowed infer that she is. Even if she is panting, carrying a gut full of triplets, begging you to drive her to her OBGYN you shouldn't ask - just to be on the safe side. These are dangerous times we are living in. People have been strangled for lesser offenses.

I was so embarrassed having to tell this man repeatedly that no, I was not pregnant. And as if he didnt believe me, he looked to my boyfriend for confirmation as if I was lying. It wasn't just the fact that I had to deny a pregnant belly, my poor boyfriend had to say no, she isn't pregnant. That was the most embarrassing part of the whole thing. Being in this embarrassing ass situation in front of the boyfriend. ugh.

I spent the car ride home curled up in my seat.

Enter my return to blogging.

Anyway, on a much lighter note, today was a good day. Take a look:

egg white omlet with mushrooms and 1/4 c mozz cheese
4 pts

Vanilla Yogurt
(not pictured)
2 pts

1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/4 cup mozz. cheese
1/2 cup marinara sauce
1 tsp olive oil
carrots, mushrooms, fresh basil
side salad
9.5 pts

1 cup chicken and sausage gumbo
16 wheat thins
6 pts

SmartOnes cookie dough dessert
(not pictured)
3 pts

Total for the day: 24.5 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 0.5 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 26.5 pts


Scared of my shadow.

The Valentines Day post has been updated. GO SEE HOW GREAT I DID!
As I mentioned before, I made a handmade card for BabyCakes for Valentines Day. ::shrugs:: I am cheap. It looked nice though, I promise.

Well except for one thing.
In an attempt to be artistic, I included a black and white photo of us (well our shadows actually) from when we took a little vacay to Islands of Adventure in Orlando last week. And upon closer inspection, I realized my shadow needs to be on Weight Watchers!

And no, I am not wearing a dress. My thighs rub together. Don't look at me like that.
And no, this isn't the shadow of some dad walking through the park with his chubby child. I am 5'3 and he is 6'3 or 6'4.
And no I am not an amputee. My arm was bent to take the picture.
Damn you, Shadow!

Me and my shadow are gonna go to the gym day after tomorrow (I am getting over a cold)

eggwhite omlet w 1/4 cup mozz. cheese and broccoli
bagel thin
1 tbsp light cream cheese
4.5 pts
I was trapped at the boyfriends house with cupcakes. And a huge chocolate cake. I won! (And by won I mean I didn't eat all of it while alone)

Vanilla Yogurt
4 pts

chicken breast
1 cup rice and peas
8 pts
Did I tell you that I am Jamaican? Oh. Well yea I am. Thats gungo peas (aka pigeon peas) and rice for all you guys that don't know. I don't really make that much jamaican food (when following weight watchers) because its too confusing to track.

Early dessert/Snack?
4 pts
There are so many cupcakes left. There are the ones at the boyfriend's house and there are the ones at my house. I am going to try to make an effort not to eat one tomorrow. Not because I can't, but just so I don't make it a habit of eating sh*t just because its there. You know?

1 and 1/2 cup pasta
broccoli and mushrooms
3 tbsp marinara and 1 tsp sour cream (not pictured)
3 tbsp grated parmesan
1 tsp olive oil
8.5 pts

Total for the day: 29.5 pts

Weekly Bonus Points Used: 5.5 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 27 pts

Thats all folks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!


You've been warned.

I have already baked cupcakes for BabyCakes as a V-Day treat. And he told me that for dinner he would like skirt steak. And mashed potatoes. So I have to plan my day's meals around this big grand finale of a dinner. Lucky Guy.
By my estimate, I shouldn't go over my more than 4 pts today. YaY Bonus Points!

I was pleasantly surprised to know that people noticed my return. THANKS GUYS! That really gives me extra motivation to stay on track.

1 slice whole wheat toast
egg white omlet w/ 1/4 c mozz. cheese
1 c strawberries
4.5 pts

After breakfast I rushed around baking a whole slew of cupcakes. Here are the ones I made special for my honey!

Yeah I know. Pretty Sappy. Please don't judge me.
Something happened today that does not usually happen. I don't condone skipping meals. Its no good. I am not one of those skip meals (or skip anything related to food for that matter) type of person. But I got all caught up with these blasted cakies and making a handmade valentines day card for BabyCakes (please dont vomit) that dinner time was fast approaching and I had to race back to his place to start making dinner before he got home from work. So I missed lunch. I promise, this is not the start of some crazy bad eating habit.

As if the cupcakes weren't enough. Look what he brought home!

And this whole time I thought he loved me!?!?!?

Chocolate cake is my joy. And that particular chocolate cake is covered in chocolate fudge which is topped with strawberries to give the impression of healthiness. Damn You, Chocolate Cake!

As promised, I made skirt steak and mashed potatoes for dinner

skirt steak
1 1/2 cup mashed potatoes
1 tbsp sour cream
1 tbsp light cream cheese
bit of chimichurri sauce
10 pts

And for the grand finale:
1 cupcake with ~ tbsp icing
sliver of chocolate cake
12 pts

Okay lemme break down this dessert. First of all, that is NOT a regular sized plate, its a dessert plate but I'm all zoomed into the picture and everything looks huge. S0 use the strawberry as kind of a reference. That is just a little SLIVER of chocolate cake. I promise. The cupcake I baked myself and I know its 3 pts plus another point for the bit of icing. I didn't eat the strawberry (it was covered in this strawberry syrup/gelatin thing that grossed me out). Based on how good that chocolate cake made me feel, I estimated it at 8 points. LoL. I would not recommend this method for counting points, but I didnt know what else to do.

I had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Total for the day: 26.5 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 2.5 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 32.5 pts


First day back!

Hey Everyone!
Today is the first time (in what seems like an eternity) that I will be tracking. I seriously worry that I will experience food withdrawal. 0_o

Yeah, I am being serious.

Am I the only one that experiences this? The first day back on program when I have fallen off the wagon feels like I could claw someone's eyes out. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up roaming the streets of South Florida in search of a hit of something from a drive thru. Wish me luck :)

3 egg whites
1 cup strawberries
fiber1 pancakes
1/4 c sugar free syrup
5.5 pts


I had a late lunch today. It wasn't really exciting. And after seeing my pancake picture you'll probably be disappointed in the lunch picture. LoL. The lighting didn't help and my chicken looked like it matched the countertop. Oh well. I planned to have left over brown rice but when I got to the fridge, I realized someone (i suspect my sister) had already gotten to it and finished it. I really thought the food-deprived version of the Hulk was going to tear through my shirt but I kept it moving and substituted the rice for a slice of bread.

Chicken breast
1 slice whole wheat bread
2 tbsp french dressing
7 pts

Late lunch led to a late dinner. I went to the movies with BabyCakes and friends to watch Valentine's Day. ... .... it was decent. eh. Either I have a heart of stone or I was really really hungry because I kept checking my phone for the time hoping that the movie would just finish. ::shrugs::

I didn't have dinner until after 1 am!! I know, I know. But what could I do??

2 c whole wheat pasta
1/2 pasta sauce
3 tbsp grated parm
10.5 pts

First day wasn't that bad at all. I ended up being short a point, but I am not too worried about it.

Total for the day: 23 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 0 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 35 pts


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't Call it a comeback


Okay fine. I have not blogged since October. Sue Me!
Believe me, I am sure there is no one out there as disappointed with me as I am with myself. I wish I had some great reason why I fell off of the wagon. But there isn't any reasonable excuse. And I don't wanna lie.

My weight is creeping up and its making me feel bad about myself. I know its not right to always think of the numbers on the scale, but when you see it increasing week after week, its time to rein yourself in. And that is what I plan to do. (Its about time)

I don't expect people to really notice my return - I am not gonna bother informing friends and family to check my blog out (again lol).

So yesterday was the day I decided enough is enough. I went to a meeting. Here is the damage:

In case you don't remember, the last time I *actually* logged my weight on my blog (Aug 29, 2009) , I was at an impressive 159.4.....if you are not in the mood to do the math, I have officially gained 14.4 lbs since then.

14.4 lbs!?!

I have not been doing anything that I know I should be doing. Most important of them all, I have not been tracking my points. At all. Oh I know the amount of points each item of food is that I have been eating, but I haven't been stopping at any number in particular. LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to post and say (timidly) that I am back and I am ready to get back in the swing of things.

Is anyone still out there?