Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blame it on the Conch Burgers

I was so pumped to go to a meeting yesterday.  When I relate my going to a Weight Watchers meeting to an alcoholic going to AA it is not to be funny.  As embarrassed as I might be to see the damage that I have done through a number on a scale, there is a sense of relief as well because I know that I am taking the first step in getting myself back on track. 

Are you ready to see the number?
Are you?!?!?

Here goes nothing.....

I know. its ridiculous. 
Keep in mind I just came back from a vacation in the Bahamas this past weekend.  I basically spent the entire trip face down in a conch burger. (LOL that sounds suggestive).
Thats a conch burger.  (photo grabbed from google images)
I had at least 4 of these over a four day period. With fries each and every time. Yum?


But like I said, I getting my ass back on track. You with me?


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