Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to find my way back

Its been wild.

I will keep the story short.  I FINALLY got a job doing what I went to school for! YaY!!
Since my last weight update, I have gained AT LEAST 10 lbs!! BOOOO!!! (I will be able to provide a real number after my weigh in this week <----the first in MONTHS!!)

LoL....or Cry Out Loud, depending on who is around me at the time.

I feel out of control.  I feel like I am failing and it is really bothering me.  I feel like I have no limits at all! I just eat everything within sight at any time.  Exercise? Whats that? The only thing that I have been consistent about in the past few months has been my inconsistency.  I'll track for a few days, splurge for a week and a half. I am a mess.

So ...just wanted to put it out there for anyone who is still around that I will be blogging and tracking again.  I don't know how successful I will be at capturing pictures of meals and such since 90% of my day will be spent at work and I dont want to explain why I keep snapping pics of food lol.


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