Thursday, September 8, 2011

I forgot how to work this thing.

 I'm not sure if anyone's reading this, but I'm writing.

I feel like a failure.  Somehow, somewhere along the way I forgot how to make this whole thing work.  I stopped saying no to food, I quit tracking, and I didn't make exercise a priority.  I've basically let myself go and I am so embarrassed.

I weighed in at 190lbs today.

It's crazy how fast it feels like everything happened, but it honestly it took me a while to drag myself down this path.  A lot of late night overeating and sedentary living.  I let this drag on for months and months.  So I guess it's time to get a grip on this before it gets to a point where I give up on even trying.  I can't explain how frustrating and annoying it is to start the journey of losing weight that I've already lost.  But I have to.


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