Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weigh In

Weigh in day is my favorite day. I know this sounds weird but besides all of the anxious feelings before I step on the scale, I really like Saturdays. For one thing, my points start over and I get a clean slate. (I dont know what I would do without these bonus points - they keep me from being mean to strangers) Also, I get to see how well or not so well my eating and exercise for the week impacts the number on the scale. Every weigh in is a learning experience, and even though gains can suck and bruise my moral, I always turn it into a teachable experience.

Can you tell I gained this week?

Not by much though. I am not even sweating it. Take a look.
Yea. I am up 0.2 this week. I think this is so insignificant I didn't even bother to cry on the scale. Maybe if I had shaved my legs this morning......
No biggie. This week's meeting discussion was the last in a 4 week series to encourage members to EAT VEGGIES! And I always talk about this but I am pretty laid back about actually doing it. I have a tendency to stick to my broccoli and I am no good at salads.

During the meeting I finally tried the Clif Z Bar that Nessie suggested. I had the chocolate chip kind. THANK YOU NESSIE! It was different from the regular Clif Bars. The Z Bar was more oatmeal-ly and softer to chew. It was great. And it was only 2 pts! I'll eat that.

After the meeting (which made me determined to eat even more veggies) I drove around Koreatown trying to find some lunch. I originally wanted sushi, but then I saw this place called the TofuHouse and I was curious. So I went. I didn't have my camera on me so I had to use my cellphone to capture the pic. I had to head to work so I ate lunch in my car (which is against my morals in general, but whatever)

Tofu Salad!
Fried Tofu
Huge Salad
Ginger dressing
1 cup white rice (not pictured)
13.5 pts (rough estimation)
Ahh. This salad was toooo gooood! Why can't I make a salad like that? Due to my inability to communicate effectively with the lady who took my order, I didnt know that the tofu would be fried. But it was delicious and definitely worth the points. I loved it. Because of this salad I went to the supermarket after work because I am determined to recreate this salad later on this week. I'll be able to better control the points and plus I want to have a food experiment. Stay tuned for what happens with that!

Grocery Stuff
I was in a good mood (grocery shopping does that to me) and I dared to pick up some Clif Z bars. (gasp). You see, these things normally cannot be kept in my house. I live in a studio apartment. At any given moment I am (at most!) 15 feet from my kitchen. So I *only* bought three.

1/2 blueberries
1/4 cup raspberries
4.5 pts

Chicken Burger on a Sandwich thin bun
8 pts
Here's a closer look.
Those little bits in the burger look weird.
Don't fret its just seasoning stuff.
Great Burger.

Oh! I ate quite a bit today. Look how many veggies and fruits I ate! Go me!
Oh and I exercised today. Walk/Jog on treadmill for an hour.
Total for the day: 28 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 6 pts

Bonus Points remaining for the week: 29 pts

Oh I didn't blog yesterday's food. Pretty boring: 2 clif bars (i know i know. I promise no more huge clif bars.), Subway roast beef sub, baked lays sour cream and onion chips, scrambled egg whites, english muffin, weight watchers cream cheese, blue berries (I had breakfast for dinner) = 23 pts. And I did the treadmill for an hour.

Thanks for reading this Long Post!


ladykool said...

keep going dani! I love reading your blog!

Dee Lighter said...

As long as you keep reading them, I'll keep writing them! :)


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