Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's be Hoooooneeeeeeessssst. (In Drake Voice)

Alright. If you don't know by now I've returned to blogging because I gained back almost 15 lbs that I thought I would never see again. It happens. But let me be clear. While that is the REASON I am back, its not exactly the catalyst for my return. So lemme just keep it real and tell you guys.

The tricky thing about 15 lbs (for me anyway) is that even though my clothes might be a little on the snug side, my pants still button. And that sucks. I mean, I am sure I don't look as good in them as I did 15 lbs ago, but I still rock them. And they are *GASP* skinny jeans.
So even though I saw the number on the scale creeping up to unwanted numbers, I just shrugged it off (I am a procrastinator) and kept on eating. See, I am the kind of procrastinator that is not moved to action until I feel some sense of pressure. I guess these tight ass jeans didnt give me enough pressure? I dunno. Whatever the case is, tight clothes weren't enough.

And then, it happened. Last tuesday. I had just gotten back from Orlando and I went with BabyCakes to see the tax man so he could get his taxes done. I'm waiting patiently in the waiting area, my boyfriend is on the other side of the divide (between the waiting area and the area to speak with the tax guy). The tax guy comes into the waiting area, takes a look at me and turns to my boyfriend and says (REALLY LOUDLY):

"I see you have someone out here about to have your baby soon"

Unfortunately I had forgotten my switch blade that day and was unable to kill this man or kill myself.

Really? Pregnant?
I thought there was just this generally known rule that even if a broad looks 9 months pregnant you are not allowed infer that she is. Even if she is panting, carrying a gut full of triplets, begging you to drive her to her OBGYN you shouldn't ask - just to be on the safe side. These are dangerous times we are living in. People have been strangled for lesser offenses.

I was so embarrassed having to tell this man repeatedly that no, I was not pregnant. And as if he didnt believe me, he looked to my boyfriend for confirmation as if I was lying. It wasn't just the fact that I had to deny a pregnant belly, my poor boyfriend had to say no, she isn't pregnant. That was the most embarrassing part of the whole thing. Being in this embarrassing ass situation in front of the boyfriend. ugh.

I spent the car ride home curled up in my seat.

Enter my return to blogging.

Anyway, on a much lighter note, today was a good day. Take a look:

egg white omlet with mushrooms and 1/4 c mozz cheese
4 pts

Vanilla Yogurt
(not pictured)
2 pts

1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/4 cup mozz. cheese
1/2 cup marinara sauce
1 tsp olive oil
carrots, mushrooms, fresh basil
side salad
9.5 pts

1 cup chicken and sausage gumbo
16 wheat thins
6 pts

SmartOnes cookie dough dessert
(not pictured)
3 pts

Total for the day: 24.5 pts
Weekly Bonus Points Used: 0.5 pts
Bonus points remaining for the week: 26.5 pts



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Oh no he didn't!!!

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yes girl he did!

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