Friday, February 26, 2010

I didn't fall off!

Hey Guys!

No worries! I did not just throw point counting to the wind.  I went on a little road trip to Tampa with my sister because she had to take her Bar Exam and I tagged along for moral support.  What a good sister I am!

Didn't have my laptop but even if I did the food wasnt really blogworthy.  Except for one night when I had sushi, my days mostly consisted of subway roast beef sandwiches.  You woulda hated seeing that repeatedly.  But I counted every day.  I even met up with a good friend of mine and had a really good workout.  Go Me!

Stay tuned for the today's eats, lovelies!

Total for the day:
Weekly Bonus Points Used:
Bonus points remaining for the week:


Allie said...

Hey Dee,

With Ackee & Saltfish I don't count the points if I'm getting takeout. The amount of oil they use in preparing it is just outrageous. If I make it, I just use the nutritional information on a tin of ackees and the same goes of the package of saltfish I buy. I don't have a count off the top of my head but if you poke around the grocery store you can find some info. As for the dumplings and other goodies... do the same thing make 'em yourself and you can control the POINTS in them.

Don't be afraid to eat anything. You're not going to cut out dumplings altogether so you might as well enjoy them when you can.


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