Friday, July 17, 2009

HI. I'm Dee. I'm a Carbaholic

Did I mention I like carbs? Seriously. If there was a carb fan club I would be the president. I like heaping bowls of pasta. I love bread and rice and all things carbohydrate related. If it wasn't for this blog, there is no way that I would stick to the portion sizes for pasta. Just NO WAY!

This whole weight loss thing has taught me a lot about myself. I know there are just certain things that I cannot keep in the house if I want to have a successful week. Like cereal. Cereal is not my friend. Well actually cereal is my friend, we get along really well - too well. I just abuse our relationship. I can't stop at one regular portioned bowl of cereal. Ooooh no. Not me. I can easily finish off a family sized box of cereal in 2 days. (Or 3 days if I've been distracted from the cereal goodness)

And even if I buy a cereal that doesn't seem like it will "fun", I still wind up overeating. So I really try not to buy cereal.

Snacking has also been a hard thing for me. I've tried the whole 100 calorie snack pack things, but when I buy a box of six, I end up eating the whole thing out of boredom/greediness. The only thing that has worked for me along those lines is kettle korn. I can stop at one pack.

And even though lately I've been eating those clif bars or kashi bars, I would NEVER dare buy a pack from the grocery store. I can only be trusted to buy those one at a time (and as you can see from my previous posts, even that method isn't failsafe. ) But its better than nothing.

I am a Carbaholic.



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