Saturday, July 18, 2009


I went to my Saturday morning meeting and I was very anxious to see how I did this week. I have a tendency to maintain or gain after having a significant loss the week before. My only hope for this week was that I would be down 0.8 just to get me to 25lbs.

..And I DiD It!!
(and then some)

I lost 1 lb this week. Woohoo!!
I celebrate every loss. Even the weeks where I "only" lose 0.2 lbs. Every pound, every ounce, takes some degree of effort to lose so I appreciate them. Shoot, to be honest, at this point I would gladly welcome a week where I am able to maintain my weight because considering my eating habits before I joined weight watchers, maintaining my weight is a miracle in its own right.

Exhibit A:

And since I reached the 25lb milestone, I got a Weight Watcher's reward!
Its a small little key chain thing but I love it and it makes me feel really proud to see it :) I know its cheesy but I worked for that little thing!!! I'm very very happy today. I am a sneeze away from being out of the 160s (no pressure, no pressure!) I cannot honestly remember being in the 150s. I know it happened some time in high school when I was doing Weight Watchers for the first time. But I think that lasted for about a week LoL. AHHH I am so pumped!

Anyway, at the meeting today we discussed really focusing on getting the required amount of fruits and vegetables per day. So my goal for this week is to focus on switching up my menu a bit and really pushing vegetables. I talked to a friend who reads my blog the other day and she said that I eat too much tilapia. LoL. I know! So this week I am going to shake up my menu...maybe after Wednesday when I do my grocery shopping. If you have any fun ideas for my cooking, please feel free to leave a comment!!



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Congrats homey!

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