Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pre-Weigh In Eats

Day before Weigh-In. Wonderful.
I'm not really worried because for the most part, I behaved during this week. I am not expecting a huge loss like last week. Honestly my goal for this week is to lose at least 0.8 because that would bring me to a total of 25 lb lost!

Breakfast - 3 scrambled egg whites, 1/2 chicken sausage, Whole wheat english muffin with 2 tbsp Weight watchers cream chese, strawberries.

On the way to work I felt like munching on something so I hit up the vending machine for a snack. THERE WERE CLIF BARS!!! These suckers taste good, but not amazing, but for some reason I really enjoy chewing them. I decided I didnt want to "spend" 5 whole points on a clif bar today, so I picked a Fiber 1 bar instead for 2 pts.

I had the bar and some diet coke at around 2 and it held me over until I had lunch at around 4:30.

Because I dont have a microwave at work, lunch during my shift is really limited. I made a chicken salad sandwich
I know it looks kinda on the boring side, but its the best that I could do today. I also had a banana (not pictured).

When I got home I had some kettle korn (I never take photos of the popcorn it just seems kinda lame...and since I eat it all the time i bother.

For dinner I made tilapia fillet, french fries, and a side of spinach. I made those fries! Seriously...with a real potato and everything. I just cut up the potato in fry sized pieces and baked in my toaster oven for about 35-40 minutes. Very Nice!!
I wish I had a potato cutter gadget so that the fries would have been more consistent in size. But oh well my taste buds didn't know the difference.

Dessert - Light and Fit vanilla yogurt.

wish me luck at the scales!



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