Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been Evicted!!

FROM THE 160's!!!!


This is great!
That number is definitely foreign to me. Honestly, I feel like the only time I know for sure I weighed lower than this was the day I was born!

However, I would like to take this time to mourn the loss of a point. In weight watchers, every time you enter a new "decade" of weight, your daily points target decreases by one. So now that I am in the 150s (crazy!) my points target decreases from 23 to 22.
Join me in this moment of silence....

Okay so now I am entering new territory with the weight and I am nervous. I have a tendency to sabotage myself (damn you snickers bars!) So I will have to be extra careful this week. That being said, I plan on making a cake this evening. haha. Saturday is just a day where I kinda relax with my points. I allow myself to use my weekly bonus points if I want, and I have already made plans for some of them with this cake. We'll see how it turns out.

I did have a clif bar today :) I accomplished my goal of holding out for a week, and since the week is over.....CLIF BAR FOR DEE!

Cliff bar
5 pts
Also, its Saturday and I am breaking my habit of buying ready made meals. (The fact that budget constraints prevent me from splurging for the next few days also helps) So right after the meeting today I raced back home to make something before work.

3 egg whites
Whole Wheat english muffin
1 tbsp WW cream cheese
1/2 chicken sausage
4 pts

I was very hungry after work but I had to stop at the supermarket to pick up the box cake I was gonna make later and I HATE going to the supermarket hungry. So I picked up ANOTHER clif bar :)
Clif Bar
(not pictured)
5 pts

Whole Wheat Pita
Red and Green bell peppers
1/3 cup mozzarella cheese
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
5.5 pts

1 and 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta
Tilapia fillet
1 tbsp sour cream
spinach, diced tomatoes, garlic
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
9 pts

It was similar to what I made a few nights ago except I didn't add the butter. It was not as tasty without the butter, but I still liked it!

Okay and for the big finale, I made a Betty Crocker Super Moist Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake! Instead of preparing the batter by the instructions on the back of the box, I only added 2 egg whites and 1 can of diet Coke to the mixture. I found the recipe at Gina's Weight Watcher's Recipes Blog.

After it finished baking, I cut it into 12 squares. Before I even had my piece, I packed the eleven other servings in sandwich bags and put them in the freezer!!! Clearly I know that I cannot be trusted with extra servings of cake lying around my house. And I don't want to have a repeat of the dishwashing liquid intervention.

I snapped a photo midway through my packing

After all the extra pieces were packaged and packed safely in the freezer, I served myself!
Topped the cake square with that Dreyer's individual serving of Vanilla bean ice cream I mentioned in an older post and a table spoon of chocolate fudge!!!

8 pts

Total for the day: 36.5 pts!!!




SylbeeDee said...

CONGRATS DANI!!! I'm so proud of you! You're my inspiration...make that my THINspiration ;-)

Not A Diet A Lifestyle said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! I have a long way to go but by just reading over some of your entries, it has made me feel like I can do it to0 one step at a time.


Dee Lighter said...

Hey girls! Thanks so much!
Dama - I started off with a long way to go...and I'm still in the whole process of getting where I want to be. It really is literally one step at a time, but those steps really add up!


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