Saturday, July 11, 2009


So I bought a Clif bar on the way to the weigh in because I didnt have time to cook a real breakfast. So after I weighed in I hurried to my seat (I was late) and tried to quietly unwrap the chocolatey goodness. I really hate trying to open wrapped packages in classroom/meeting settings. I never know whether to do it quick and loud or painfully slowly. I opted for painfully slowly in this case. I approached it with that quiet/strained tug at the seams. All of a sudden there was a POP and I looked down to an empty wrapper. A lady giggled behind me. My clif bar had flown across the room. By another member's foot. Goodbye Clif Bar.
The lady whose foot it landed by looked down, picked it up, smiled and handed it back to me. LOL. I was sad. She very kindly gave me a Weight Watchers trial sized baked apple 'n cinnamon snack bar. Thank you fellow member!! It was good. But i was hungry still. So after the meeting I had a chocolate chip Clif bar that was in my car (Yay me for having the foresight to buy two bars!)

Then lunch was subway (I went straight to work after the meeting) roast beef six inch with a packet of mayo and mustard and those new southwest ranch baked lays. Subway is alright but points wise, it is annoying. For 9 points (which is what it all added up to) I could have had an amazing home cooked meal. Do you know what I could do with 9 whole points in my kitchen?!?!? Ugh. Anyway..moving right along...

Clearly today I wanted to avoid the kitchen at all costs because for dinner I went to a Japanese/Korean sushi bar for takeout (They served Japanese and Korean food). I had Udon noodle soup. It had pieces of funky looking tofu that were pretty tastey

Along with s spicy salmon roll. Good dinner. But I will not be purchasing already made food for the rest of the week! Heading back to the kitchen!



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