Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying to be Creative

Looking back on my Weight Watchers Pocket Guide that basically documents my weightloss, I realize I have been stuck in the 160s for the past 5 months! I weighed in on Feb. 14 at 169.6 and I remember being sooo freakin' excited because I hadn't been in the 160s since my freshman year of college (2003)

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who likes to estimate future weight loss which ultimately sets me up for disappointment. Literally minutes after stepping off of the scale and sitting down for the Weight Watchers meeting I whipped out my phone and looked at the calendar and tried to estimate how long it "should" take me to lose another 10 lbs to get myself out of the 160s. I gave myself 6 weeks.

......and here I am. Five months later. Still in the 160s. WTF! AHHH! Get me out of here!

Being honest with myself, I know lately I've been in a bit of a rut - with exercise, with food, with my motivation. So I really hope this blog helps me shake things up a little.

And with that said, here are my meals for today!

Frittata made with 4 egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, smoked salmon, basil, and a slice of kraft fat free sharp cheddar cheese.
1cup strawberries

I got the idea for this breakfast from a recipe I saw at Katheats.com. The recipe turned out great but next time I think I will use less smoked salmon. It was 2oz but I still felt like it was a bit too much for me in the frittata. It was fairly easy to make as well and the strawberries were a good balance to the saltiness of the smoked salmon.

Lunch was fun!
Personal pizza made with a whole wheat pita, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese, basil, 1tbsp parmesan cheese, 2 slices chopped canadian bacon
I also had a fuji apple on the side but it seemed pointless to snap a pic of an apple.

I had a before dinner snack of a small manila mango and 100 cal. pack of kettle corn

1/2 cup cuban style black beans
1 cup brown rice
diced tomatoes
mixed greens with 2tbsp raspberry dressing
Yummy! If I had more points, I would have added some sour cream...oh well!
I'll be back tomorrow! :)



ladykool said...

I want that pizza!! (fat girl voice)

Dee Lighter said...

OOooh that pizza was soooo good! You should try it!

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