Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Results are IN!!

I woke up this morning pretty excited to go to my weekly meeting. And besides the snickers debacle, I've been on track this whole week. Whats great about Weight Watchers is that you just have to be "good" most of the time - indulging once in a while is kinda built into the whole plan. Thats been my experience with it anyway.

I was a little late to my meeting because I stopped at trader joes for a Cliff bar (will discuss that disaster later) to snack on while I was at the meeting. Stepped on the scale and clocked in at....wait for it.....
wait for it...

The photographic evidence :)

Yes! Its true!
I lost 3lbs this week.
Well, let me just note that a 3lb loss isn't really typical for me. But last week I had a 2 lb gain so I think that's why my loss was so serious. I didn't even exercise since I just wanted to get back to the basics of the whole food thing.

But regardless .... 161.6!?!? AHH! I am so pumped! I called my Mom and told her about it all nonchalant but inside I was doing my happy dance! Go Me! At this point, I am very close to other milestones (soooo close to 25lb lost, soooo close to being out of the 160s!!) But I don't want to think about it too much. I'll just keep focused on this new week and food and maybe throw in a little exercise somewhere. Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Great job Dani!! I'm so proud of u! Keep it up :)

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