Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pancakes for Breakfast!


I looked my the blueberries this morning and decided to make blueberry pancakes!! Yay! I just mushed some blueberries and added it to the Fiber One pancake batter. Poured 1/4 cup lite pancake syrup on top and added 3 scrambled egg whites on the side.

Really good. I'm wondering if I could use the batter to make muffins...if anyone knows, please leave a comment because I don't wanna waste food on experiments unnecessarily.

I'm on campus so I actually packed something decent for the day. Strawberries for snacking.....

For lunch I had a garden burger and a banana. I think I am having a hungry day because I'm not full right now...Ugh...I have a feeling I am going to go over my points today. I can almost guarantee it.....We'll see.....

I had a cliff bar before my evening class......
still hungry..........

So basically I went over points today....thats the way it goes sometimes. Luckily extra points are built into Weight Watchers for days like this.
I had another Clif Bar. Best choice? Nope. But dammit I wanted it! When I got home from campus I was starving and had no solid plan for the dinner menu so I just raided my fridge.

I had a cup of the leftover noodles that I bought this past weekend. Then I followed that up with some smoked salmon/couscous/green pea concoction that I didnt like too much so after a few bites I through it out. At this point I was annoyed and unsatisfied so I made a chicken hotdog and called it a night



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