Friday, July 17, 2009

Pre Weigh-In Anxiety

Whenever Friday comes around, I get a little nervous. My Weigh Ins are on Saturday and for some reason, I believe the success of my weigh in rests solely on the shoulders of Friday. I know this isn't true, but when Friday arrives I feel the pressure.

I am guilty of scale addiction. I have a home scale and I probably step on it throughout the day after every major event. And by "major event" I mean waking up, or coming home from class, or having dinner. I don't know why I do it, because it doesn't even impact what I do/eat throughout the day. It is just this constant nagging curiosity about this number that somehow reflects me...
Even though I know the number doesn't represent me, I still want to see it.

These home weigh-ins really suck because for one, when I actually have a loss, I don't get to experience the surprise and excitement that I would otherwise feel at my REAL weigh in at Weight Watchers. Maybe I do it to dull the disappointment that I would feel if there was a gain? I dunno. Whatever the case is, the frequent scale checks are not healthy!

I've decided, after tomorrow's weigh in (the official one!) i am going to put the battery in my car and put the scale in my closet. Hopefully my utter laziness will prevent me from going AAALLLL the way down stairs to my car for the battery just to get my scale fix.


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Good idea =)

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