Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photographic Evidence

Anyone who has ever decided to lose weight has this moment where it all crashes down - that moment where you realize your weight is seriously becoming a problem. That "Oh my God, I'm freakin HUGE" moment. The last straw that just forces you to do something.

My last straw moment was New Years Eve bringing in 2008. My friends all wanted to go out and I begrudgingly agreed. (Being overweight had made me want to avoid all social gatherings). I spent what seemed like eternity trying to find something to wear that would flatter instead of "fatter" me. I felt uncomfortable - my jeans felt skin tight and dug into my gut. Seriously. I did not have a good time because I felt sooo uncomfortable and self conscious. It was a nightmare.
But still, I thought (at the time) that I did a good job dressing myself.
Yeah I was wrong.

I have placed a black blob over the faces of my friends in order to protect their identities. LoL.
Oh and what is that black blob between my head and my legs you ask?
It's MY GUT!
At this point I was 196lbs and it definitely showed.

Seeing these pictures on facebook (UNTAG, thank you very much) motivated me to start losing weight.



Anonymous said...

Dee, i am so proud of u for taking on this journey, however, u are always the love and joy of my life. i love u always no matter what.
your sugar-c

Dee Lighter said...

^^ Thats my Mommy :)

ladykool said...

hee hee

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