Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Splurging

There is something about Weigh-In day that makes me not want to step into the kitchen. The timing of the meeting and having work immediately after forces me to grab lunch on the go. Then by the time I get home, I just DONT WANT TO COOK!

Pre-meeting a picked up a Clif Bar (big surprise!)

I've gotta stop eating these. I don't even do any extreme exercising (look at that guy just climbing away) do I really need the energy of a Clif bar? Honestly I eat these things like treats.

I promise - this is my last clif bar (for the next week...)

Lunch was a six inch roast beef sub.

No this isn't a repost of old pictures. LoL. This only feels like deja vu because I ate the EXACT SAME THING last week saturday :) I have to figure out a way to motivate myself to cook on Saturdays.

I really wanted a dessert today. I sat around contemplating for a while. I originally wanted Baskin Robbins, but I waited too long and they closed. So I went to the supermarket and found this:

A small single serving of icecream. Yay! So this is what I turned it into this:
Thats a mini angel food cake, chocolate syrup, strawberries with the icecream on top!

It was soooooo good. I made sure not to buy more than one of those ice creams because I would have taken advantage of it :)



Anonymous said...

wow what a dessert! how many calories/points?

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